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Fury Rising: Drama

When a troubled teen just aged out of foster care becomes the target of a murderous drug dealer, she takes off to find the one person she believes can save her; the birth mother who abandoned her. Awards: Winner Cynosure Screenwriting Contest, 2nd Place Vancouver

Dissonance: Drama

Thousands of  kids in foster care are over-drugged with psychotropic medications, often without medical follow-up or legally required approval from a judge or parent. Lily (11) is one of those children. A young couple who has recently suffered a late pregnancy miscarriage comes to her rescue but they’re woefully unprepared for the impact the drugs and her troubled past have taken on her mentally and physically. Things are looking up until Lily’s drug addicted mother returns from rehab.

Eyes Of Dawn: Bio Pic/Historical Fiction

Mata Hari was a woman far ahead of her time –in touch with the beauty and power of her femininity and her sexuality. She was a woman who loved with passion, danced with abandon, and never gave up on finding the child who was taken from her. In the end, she was a woman betrayed by men who were threatened by her free spirit — men in power who forced her into the world of espionage and ultimately took her life.

Sins of the Father: Thriller

In 31 American states a rapist is allowed to sue for custody and/or visitation rights of a child conceived in rape. When a single mom learns that the sociopath who raped her has come back to town and has a legal right to share custody of the child conceived from that rape, she’ll do whatever it takes to protect her son.

Last Chance Christmas: Holiday/Family

When a high-tech fanatic takes over operations at the North Pole Santa feels he’s no longer needed and decides to retire, but not before he makes things right with the folks in Forgotten, Texas, a small town he accidentally missed on Christmas Eve.

A Fine Finish: Romance/Dramedy

When four  generations of Delfino women converge on the family vineyard to sort out their lives, they quickly discover that the business is on the verge of collapse. If the vineyard is to survive, the women will have to put their own problems aside and pull together to turn things around.

Mia and the Moviestar: Romantic Comedy

After breaking up with her fiancée, a young blind woman heads out with her guide dog on a trip to reclaim her independence. Along the way she meets a disillusioned soap star, who’s struggling to find himself. When they get caught in a fierce snow storm and must trust each other to survive, love begins to bloom. But back in the real world insecurities rise, independence becomes a priority and their fledgling love collapses. After time apart the two realize that, while independence is important, true joy comes from sharing life with someone you love.

A Matter Of Faith: Faith Based/Family

At 35 year old woman leaves the kill-or-be-killed world of high tech behind to attend seminary and follow her real dream of helping others. She’s placed in a parish as a vicar and quickly finds her progressive attitudes clash with folks in the small Midwestern town. But when she meets a teenaged girl just out of foster care who is camping out in the condemned church chapel, she finds her true calling.

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